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Bruce Dianoski, Professional Engineer

Licensed in the State of Alaska 


Hello,  I'm Bruce Dianoski.  I have lived in Alaska nearly all my life.  My family drove up the Alcan Highway from Minnesota when I was just three years old and Alaska has been home ever since.  I graduated from West Valley High School and moved to Phoenix, AZ where I earned a degree in Information Technology.  I moved back to Alaska and worked in the IT field for about three years then decided to go back to college to earn my bachelor’s degree in Engineering.  I had always enjoyed designing, building and constructing so I couldn't be happier with that decision.  I enjoy my work every day and appreciate the wide variety of people I have the opportunity to work with.


My Qualifications


Over 15 years of education, inspection and construction experience goes into every Engineering Inspection I perform.  I am a Licensed Professional Engineer with a Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Alaska Fairbanks where I took post graduate coursework in Arctic Engineering. While going through engineering school I worked building homes throughout the Fairbanks area.  I have the knowledge and understanding of how the Fairbanks sub-arctic environment can impact a home and what to look for.


I look forward to being a part of helping you find your new home.                                                                          

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